Chris Dictapanidis

Nationality:         Greek

Born:                     1960

Languages:          Greek, English

Education:           BA in English Literature & Physiotherapie

                                & Physical education

Licence:               WABC No 2016504152





1979 - 2007     BAO, Elpis, Arion, Piramatiko, Keravnos, Ergotelis, Ofi, Heraklion, Ialissos, Anagenesis  

2007 - 2008     MAKEDONIKOS   12th place A2 National division 5w- 8 L

2008 - 2009     MACHITES B.C Head Coach, division champion. 22w-4L

2009 - 2010     MACHITES B.C Head Coach 1st division of Thessaloniki, champions 25w-1 L
2010 - 2011    
MACHITES B.C Head Coach 3rd National division champions 21w-5 L

2011 - 2012     MACHITES B.C Head Coach 2nd national division 4 w-4 L

2014 - 2015     MACHITES B.C General Manager 2rd National division champions 21w-5 L

2015 - 2017     General manager and technical advisor of MACHITES B.C. Basketball Academy

2017 - 2018     Head Coach Helenen München, Germany

2018 - 2019     Head Coach Herford, Germany


Diktapanidis Chris is one of the most successful basketball coaches in Greece. He played basketball in U.S.A. at Holy Cross

Coached for 33 consecutive years all over Greece to Rhodes, Crete but mostly in Thessaloniki, his hometown. He led his teams to 15 division titles, 4 undefeated seasons, named coach of the year 9 times at the division he coached.