You focus on your game, we focus on getting you a contract.

With our premium partners we will support you

in everything you need outside the court.

Pro Basketball Leagues

Individual Development

Mr. David Jones

Shooting for Success is dedicated to teaching our youth and skilled athletes the development of the game of basketball; SFS specializes in shooting fundamentals.



Allmang & Erbacher 

Lawyers for employment, contract, health care & tax law.


Mr. Ronny Weihmann

Conditioning and skill Training.

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Mr. Thomas Ruby

Physical therapist and osteopath.


Mr. Rainer Steinebrei

Liability, health, car & house hold goods insurances.

Taxes & Legal & Auditing

Dr. Jan-Christopher Kling

International and German tax advise.

ABA Basketball

Mr. Adam Salyer




Mr. Fabrice Salvatico

Lawyer 75009 Paris, 81 Boulevard de Clichy and Nice (France)

Master in Law, Business Law, Finance and Securities, Corporations, Taxation and Contracts

With our diverse partners, we have all the expertise together to keep you in shape and healthy, to ensure you have no  insurance gaps, to support you in doing your taxes even when living in various countries, and last but not least get legal advice when needed.