Jesse chidera ani

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     Born:                   2002


     Position:             1/2


     Nationality:       German


     Height:               191 cm               

     Weight:               94 Kg


Last teams played:

Manchester Magic                                           2019 - 2020                                    

Bayern Munich, NBBL                                    2020 - 2021

Bayern Munich, ProB                                      2020 - 2021

Saarlouis, Germany, RL I                                2021 - 2022


Link to videos


Highlight 1:

Highlight from international tournament:


Youth league 2019:



with 17 yrs in 2. Div UK

41 % 2s

25 % 3s

67 % FTs

7.8    PPG   

NBBL was cancelled because of COVID


Awards/ Accomplishments


Full scholarship 2020  to  a top 10 prep school in the US (Hillcrest Prep), do to COVID refused entry into the USA.

Hillside Prep is its name and specializing in developing the best of the best prospects is its game. Throughout the last couple of years, the program has been gaining plenty of notoriety throughout the nation because of past players such as Deandre Ayton (Phoenix Suns) and most recently, Kyree Walker.

Luol Deng Top 50 Camp (Program for the best UK players) and was projected Top 5 but due to injury was ranked in top 20.

Selected for the European Championship 2020 (representing Great Britain U18) He did not want to switch his citizenship.


Ball out 3x3 Fiba winner UK U18