US Military Team Germany Tour 2016 & 17 & 18

Teams Visited

TSV Speyer, Lich, and FC Kaiserslautern 1. RL, Lich (2016), Giessen, Skyliners Frankfurt and Würzburg Pro B (2017) FCK, Skyliners and Musel Pikes Luxembourg (2018)

Scrimmage games to prepare for the international Military Tournament (SHAPE) in Begium

The Players

Selection of the best players in the USA Air Force, Army, Marines, Coast Guards and Navy

Team Manager:

Thomas J. Burkett

Coaches 2016:

Rodrick Greene

Elonzo Higginson

Coaches 2017:

Carl Little

Christopher Welker

Coaches 2018

Christopher Welker

Elonzo Higginson

Sight Seeing