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I'm Rüdiger Schmitt & I help good basketball players to find a professional contract overseas. The video series covers all the things you need to know and consider to be successful. If you're a baller who wants to learn all the steps and hurdles to reach your dream, subscribe to my channel and click the notification bell right now. Additionally, I'll give you the honest tips and strategies, which will make a difference in your life. With topics like: Tryouts, salaries, jobs, leagues, pro-life, insurances, taxes, curriculum vitae, highlights, camps, family, self-marketing…all the facts you did not think off publishing in a frequency of less than 6 days If you have any questions or want to request a video idea, leave a comment on any of my videos pages. Take control about your chances in the future, and do not get lost in space nor have to hope for the lottery win. Watching these videos could be the best decision of your life.







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