CEO Rüdiger Schmitt


Founder and owner of Sport-International.

He is a certified DBB basketball player-agent # D-PAL-098 and FIBA agent ID # 2017504884

He is a veteran basketball B-license coach with 40 years of experience. As a coach he developed several kids to youth national players for Germany and the USA.

 He had hospitations at practices of the German male national team, Michigan State, Texas A&M, West Virginia, UNLV (NCAA I) and many other pro and semi pro sports clubs within Germany. Based on these hospitations and experiences as a referee and basketball player he knows what it needs to be successful and he can help you to define your expectations.

His dedication to quality is documented by being certified as ISO Auditor # TS 16949:2002 Is05006V.

His exceptional analytical skills and experience will help you to find the best options based on your skills.

As a long term US company employee he is very familiar with the US basketball scene and culture and as German citizen he knows what is expected overseas.

His interest is to be your primary contact to ensure the best service for you. Mr. Schmitt has an holistic approach to represent you which ensures that all areas are covered.

This guarantees smooth and professional negotiations.

Through many decades he has proven that you can depend on him and build on his mentor ship.

 He communicates in German and English fluently.


French lawyer and intermediate player agent for Sport-International to enable contracts within France.


Experienced coach in the USA and Mexico is our player scout for North America. He operates from New York


Office Support

Certified Yoga teacher and therapist (BYVG)

Translator for French & English


Recruiting within the Baltic States 

He is our representative for Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia 

Our team has salaries.

They do not depend on percentages or need to make high pressure deals.


We keep our promises.


Find the perfect service for you

Our Values & Our Culture



Our ambition is to constantly improve basketball in all its aspects and ensure integrity.

Sport-International sets a great value and importance upon the relations between clubs, players and third parties.

We promote high ethical standards to meet the principles of good governance and financial responsibility.

Our contracts are meeting high standards and ensure the best outcome for everybody involved.

Sport-international believes that only win-win situations for all parties ensure a long term successful business relation





We are a small independent full-service sports agency that is innovative, dynamic, very flexible and not limited like large organizations. Honesty and integrity are our foundation – we put the basketball player first and go above and beyond. Your success matters to us. Our professionals are ethical, hard-working, passionate and productive, their goal is to build long lasting and meaningful relationships - we care and make independent recommendations in regard to all options to find the best long-term solution for our clients.

It is our desire to establish intimate relationships between our staff and our clients, this helps us to best protect the client’s interest. With this foundation we promote the most favorable picture of our client’s talents.

Our Foundation is Integrity

With our premium partners we will support you in everything you need outside the court.


Mr. Rainer Steinebrei

Liability, health, car & house hold goods insurances.

Mr. David Jones

Shooting for Success specializes in shooting fundamentals.

Mr. Allmang & Erbacher

Lawyers for employment, contract, health care & tax law.

Mr. Fabrice Salvatico

Lawyer: Paris, and Nice (France)

Master in Law, Business Law, Finance and Securities, Corporations, Taxation and Contracts

Mr. Adam Salyer

ABA Team Owner

Dr. Jan-Christopher Kling

International and German tax advise.

Mr. Thomas Ruby

Physical therapist and osteopath.

Mr. Ronny Weihmann

Conditioning and skill Training.

With our diverse partners, we have all the expertise together to keep you in shape and healthy, to ensure you have no  insurance gaps, to support you in doing your taxes even when living in various countries, and last but not least get legal advice when needed.