Mission Statement and Agency Philosophy

Our ambition is to constantly improve basketball in all its aspects and ensure integrity.
Sport-International sets a great value and importance upon the relations between clubs, players and third parties.
We promote high ethical standards to meet the principles of good governance and financial responsibility.
Our contracts are meeting high standards and ensure the best outcome for everybody involved.
Sport-international believes that only win-win situations for all parties ensure a long term successful business relation


We are a small independent full-service sports agency that is innovative, dynamic, very flexible and not limited like large organizations. Honesty and integrity are our foundation – we put the basketball player first and go above and beyond. Your success matters to us. Our professionals are ethical, hard-working, passionate and productive, their goal is to build long lasting and meaningful relationships - we care and make independent recommendations in regard to all options to find the best long-term solution for our clients.

It is our desire to establish intimate relationships between our staff and our clients, this helps us to best protect the client’s interest. With this foundation we promote the most favorable picture of our client’s talents.

Your success is our success.

The main agency office is in Sembach, Germany.

Dependance partners in San Antonio (USA), New York (USA) and Paris (France)


Officially licensed Player Agent  in Germany

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D-PAL- 098


Officially licensed FIBA Player Agent



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