Playing professional basketball is a life-long pursuit, a dream our clients entrust us to make a reality and to give them a competitive edge!

Rüdiger Schmitt

FIBA Agent and CEO Sport International

"My mission is to promote and develop players, and to facilitate a win-win situation between players and clubs."

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Active on all Continents

No irrational promises, but top performance when it counts

For Players

Your Advancement through our Skills and Connections    

Become a Client   SI welcomes you

We seek and develop top players. As a potential client, you can expect top-notch service, personalized attention, and a commitment to achieving your goals when you choose to work with us. With us you chose an agent with over 30 years of experience as a certified coach, with a proven track record of successfully negotiating contracts and providing guidance and support.

Comprehensive Evaluation and Consultation: I leave no stone unturned, discussing every aspect of your potential and aspirations.

Curriculum Vitae Alignment: I match your skills with the demands of global leagues, ensuring your profile stands out.

With customized marketing strategies, I  navigate the basketball landscape to secure opportunities aligned with your goals.

My approach is laser-focused on your success, providing unparalleled representation, guidance, and opportunities.


With a large media landscape and an extensive network exceeding 8000 connections, I effortlessly unlock doors and cultivate opportunities for clients worldwide by:

For Clubs

Empowering Clubs, Elevating Players: Where Success Meets Strategy.

I proudly present my clients

Ø  With my extensive network, I guarantee to identify the optimal player to fulfill your club's requirements and aspirations.

Ø  Through offering expert guidance and securing quality contracts, I ensure a mutually beneficial outcome for both the player and the club.

Ø  Leveraging my dual expertise as a certified coach and agent, I facilitate the club in evaluating the worth of my selected clients, enabling informed transfer decisions.

Ø  Drawing upon my proficiency in contracting and labor law, I assist clubs in crafting robust agreements.

Ø  The exceptional accomplishments of my clients speak volumes, contributing significantly to the club's athletic and financial triumphs, with a promising trajectory for the future.


Ø  Ultimately, through unwavering reliability, I am committed to enhancing your club's player roster, fostering competitiveness, and realizing enduring strategic objectives.



  7 reasons to choose Rüdiger Schmitt as your agent


  1. Decades of experience
  2. Licensed coach, who understands what coaches are looking for
  3. Practice-oriented
  4. Sustainable consulting
  5. Proven records
  6. Very high success rate
  7. FIBA and DBB license


  1. Accountability
  2. Licensed coach, who understands what you are looking for
  3. Expertise in scouting worldwide
  4. Sustainable consulting
  5. Proven having exceptional players
  6. Time saving for you
  7. FIBA and DBB license

More reasons to choose us


Sport International takes advantage of the opportunity to achieve a lifetime of dedication for you. Through our expertise and impact, we have established a strong reputation and trust for producing players who have a positive impact and receive fair contracts. Whether it's navigating the transition into pro rookie life or managing a long-term career, we meticulously handle every aspect to ensure a smooth experience.

Outside of the game, we perceive our clients as distinct brands that hold a distinctive position as elite athletes and we leverage this chance to promote our clients through social media campaigns.

We surround ourselves with thought leaders and innovative people,  who help us create unique opportunities for our clients.

We achieve our objectives:

Our agility, determination, and entrepreneurial spirit are inherent traits that enable us to accomplish our tasks. Our well-established connections and broad-reaching network within the basketball industry and other domains make a lot possible.



Our clients and partners benefit from our comprehensive understanding and international perspective across the entire sports industry.

With our expertise in legal matters and the use of cutting-edge technology, we ensure that our clients receive comprehensive support and representation. We have an extensive network of over 8,000 industry contacts that we leverage to create new opportunities for our clients.



Since 2016, Sport International has been a comprehensive management agency that represents exceptional players and coaches. With the headquarter in Germany and associates in the USA, France, and Lithuania, Sport International is an essential player in sports representation. Throughout the years, we have fostered a culture that centers on the two crucial elements of our industry: projecting formidable authority while maintaining an intimately personal touch.

Sport International has meticulously expanded our practice with constant improvements. We are composed of innovative minds who gained their knowledge over with decades in the basketball world. 



Sport International is acknowledged in the sports industry, representing outstanding professional athletics. We are dedicated to promoting and elevating the careers of our clients and their families. By leveraging our resources, established connections, and institutional expertise, Sport International maximizes value for our clients, which is evidenced by our successful negotiation of many  lucrative contracts.



Sport International can advise and arrange athletes a distinctive and unparalleled pre-pro training program that has been refined over the years.

Other Sport International Services

The Perfect Tours

Club Consulting

We enjoy to offer reliable decision-making aids and specific recommendations for any complex questions.

Financial Advice

You have about 10 – 15 years to build up a solid financial situation for your life after pro.