That's what our clients state



Jeremy Ingram

What I like the best about Rüdiger is his accessibility and knowledge about drafting  contracts

Alfred Johnson

You’ve done an incredible job of consulting and finding the best job opportunity with your services. The most trustful agency I’ve worked with by far. Thank you for representing me as one of your clients.

Kelvin Omojola

You are very accessible and I never have any issue getting in contact with you about anything, which is great.

For consulting, I also think you do a fantastic job in that aspect because you are very objective, honest, and give detailed feedback.

Keith Hayes

You have been a very accessible agent. As an American I can count on you to respond quickly to messages, phone calls and problems. While playing in Germany I’ve been able to see you a couple times in person. We are in contact often, before and after games.

Definitely reliable when it comes to information and making sure that I (player) receive what I’m supposed to based on contract with club. I can rely on you to work hard on my behalf during and after season as well. You are in contact with my coach and manager when needed.

Hugo Florestedt

I feel like Rüdiger always has my best interest and makes sure that I get out as much as possible out of every contract. 

Rüdiger is great at getting multiple options for me whenever I’m looking for new teams. Whether it be actual offers or interests from other teams.

Rüdiger is very active on social media and always shares highlights from his players, giving them better exposure and more opportunities.

 Joseph Smoyer

 I have appreciated how you have been open about every step of the process from getting offers to being on the team. It was easy to reach you throughout the process and your experience has been valuable to help me learn about European basketball and how everything works. I know I am able to trust your judgement because you haven't tried to oversell me on where I can play and have been realistic about my opportunities. You have followed through with everything with good insight and information about the playing options I          have.

Noah Litzbach

"a very good agent who cares about his players and career. Accessibility, great contract elaboration, reliable, I can trust him, he has many contacts, gives good advice with great negotiation skills. I can trust him on the marketing strategies and to find a good team. On the emotional level less. Despite everything, his job is to pick out the best offer for the player and not to make a family alliance with the player. That's why Rüdiger is very good at his job."

 Phil Steffens

 Reachability - always and if not then he calls back in time !

Contract elaboration - up to now never had any problems !

I can always rely on him

I trust him 100% 

I think his contacts are very wide-ranging 

His consulting  was always good