WE DELIVER SMART BUSINESS SOLUTIONS With passion and experience and develop values with you


Basketball is a complex business and requires thorough knowledge and expertise in a wide variety of areas. With our absolute passion for basketball, coupled with sports and business skills and deep understanding of your business needs,  our team is able to offer customized and sustainable solutions. We will guarantee a honest, fair and constructive cooperation at all times - mutual trust is the basis of our business relationships

Based on our extensive experience, we have a deep understanding of all areas of the basketball business. Our partners can assist not only in sport related tasks. We also cover tax advice, employment/labor solutions, sponsorship, and legal support. Sport-International offers its clients advice tailored to their needs. We have a global reach thanks to our large international network. To reduce cost and ensure specific professional solutions we work with a  team of independent committed specialists with a practical approach. They get involved, only if required, to develop solutions within their area of expertise.  Therefore the  operating expenses for Sport-International are at a minimum and our clients only pay for what they really desire.

Sport-International offers your club a  high-quality support - wherever it is required. We help with the acquisition of players and coaches, scouting, management advice, event management up to developing business plans for your goals.


You have a  great responsibility leading your club which often weights heavily. Clubs do not always have specialized staff with the necessary expertise to professionally cover all business issues or need a independent look far outside the box.


 Within an open cooperation. we work together with you as part of an honest business relationship


We enjoy to offer reliable decision-making aids and specific recommendations for any complex questions.

Needs Analysis

Initial Consultation  & Defining Objectives


Recognize hidden  weaknesses in:

  • Sports Economics 
  • Corporate Management Planning & Controlling
  • Personnel
  • Management Business Plans
  • Public Relations
  • Organization Structure
  • Marketing
  • Sponsoring


Case  Studies

 From the project idea to a detailed strategy plan:

  •  Analyse possible strengths & potentials
  • Data-based insights & recommendations 
  • Assessments of potential impact
  • Consumer trends & behavior



Assistance In

Focusing on your needs

  • Crowdfunding
  • Charity Shopping
  • Implementation
  • Consultations
  • Change Management
  • Restructuring
  • Quality Control
  • Troubleshooting
  • Strategy Advice/Planing
  • Knowledge Transfer
  • Multiplier Effects Professionalism
  • Time Saving
  • Recruiting
  • Communication
  • Administration
  • Social Media
  • Problem Solving